Ricardo Lockette announces retirement from the Seattle Seahawks

Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 11.40.21 AM

Ricardo Lockette holds up “L” while announcing his retirement from the Seattle Seahawks

On Thursday, May 12th Lockette announced his retirement from the Seattle Seahawks due to the injury during a press conference at the Virginia Mason Athletic Center in Renton, WA.

After the November 1st game against the Dallas Cowboys, most Seahawks fans were left wondering, what is Ricardo Lockette going to do from here? Lockette, a receiver for the Seahawks, was hit by a Dallas Cowboys player head-on during a play and was left with a severe injury to his neck and spine.

The injury left Lockette with titanium plates holding together his cervical spine and only 50 percent rotation in his neck.

Lockette is 29-years-old and will be leaving with three Super Bowl appearances, a Super Bowl ring and four career touchdown catches. Oh, and of course the infamy of being the intended receiver on Russell Wilson’s pass that was intercepted by Malcolm Butler, ending the Seahawks’ chance for a second straight title (And yes, it still hurts).

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Lockette was an undrafted free agent from Fort Valley State University in Georgia. He says he has no regrets about the way he played but says he is constantly critiquing himself over what had happened,

“Because I am a perfectionist and I always feel like I could have done something better. As you go back and look at the film, that’s what we do. We go back and look at film and critique it as football players.”

Lockette says he hopes to remain involved in football, whether that is through coaching or remaining involved with the Seattle Seahawks. Lockette says that most of all he wants to help people in this next stage of his life.

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